Coronado Island

A place I have heard of multiple time but never been. I hear that it’s one of the most beautiful places in San Diego and it was just a 5min ferry ride from the main land. With a grand total of $9.50 Round trip. The ferry runs frequently with the last departure from the Island leaving at 10:30pm.. 

It’s Friday December 9th I had flown to San Diego the night before for a business matter. I was too happy to be here given the temperature that I left behind.. I love my New York apartment and really have no intention of ever leaving for good but such love can quickly turn in to hatred around this time of year.. And while I live for the great fashion, night life and theater there is nothing like a sunny San Diego winter day. No fur coats or heavy scarf. Just a light leather jacket and if you have better tolerance for 60 degree weather then you could dawn a cute summer dress some gladiator sandals and denim jacket and you will be ready for the day..However before this great adventure I will stop into my favorite breakfast place for my morning eats.: 

The Harbor Breakfast.. I visit the restaurant religiously whenever I am in town and I order the same thing every time  “Shrimp Diablo with while wheat toast and raspberry jelly” a few cups of black coffee and a glass of water.. This I have a the bar as I am mostly always traveling alone. Today however I won’t be alone because Clair from the neighborhood would join me at the bar for a meal. She was so delighted to be able to have breakfast at a restaurant on a Friday morning due to the fact that she is normally at work at this time.. Today was special, she had the day off and so she would indulge herself in breakfast given that she spent the last 2hrs working out like crazy.. FYI, Clair is a total stranger and I am quite sure after this delicious meal we might never see each other again..While we are here we must make good acquaintanceship.. She told of a few of her favorite places to eat in the area and spoke some more of Coronado island. She even gave me a few pointers on things I could do while I am on the island..    

I took a last sip of my coffee and wave goodbye to Clair then I was off. A quick stop at my hotel to curl my hair and freshen my breath then I was on my way..  5 minutes on the ferry and I was now on the Island. A few people had brought their bike across so they could brike around the Island. The idea of biking around looked enticing but given that I am a walker and a shopper I figured I might not bother myself with such a hassle. It would only be a 30mins walk from the ferry dock to Hotel Del Coronado which was the highlight of my day.. ​​

on Saturday I flew back home. It was freezing, 34 degrees but that did not stop myslelf from partying with a few of my girlfriend.. The night ended at 2:30am and I had another flight to Puerto Vuarlla departing from Ewr at 6:05am.. Given it’s a Sunday I would be on borrowed time.. In fact I missed my flight and was quite devastated because I was looking forward to the trip and meeting my French,  Mexican girlfriend for a few drinks at her private villa.. I watch the plane pull off the jet bridge without me and I was about to cry. Then I took breath to regain my consciousness, just I was about to through in the towels and make my way back home in the freezing cold wearing the shortest skirt ever literally freezing my behind off, I notice a flight that was going to Cancun.. A beach is a beach and Mexico is Mexico right? I was lucky to get the last first class seat to my fabulous Mexican vacation..  stay tuned… Cancun post coming soon…

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