NYFWSS17 Skylight At Moynihan Station

Here are a few guests that came out to see the shows on the first day of NYFWSS17. Over the years New York fashion week Spring, Summer that’s held around the second week of September has changed drastically. Maybe it is the sweltering heat wave of the summer, which seemed to be lingering a bit longer, while getting hotter and hotter have successfully stifled the great New York fashion because fashionistas have chosen to leave the crazy, fun, fashion at home. they are settling for something a bit simpler, somewhat cooler and defiantly more comfortable. Disclaimer these people in my opinion looks quite cute. However New York fashion week was never about looking cute, it was about brining the fashion. You know that thing US New Yorkers are defined by. While I am all for great fashion I do understand the reason for the lack of there of.dsc_0036ONE guest even went as far as digging up her great grandmother’s night gown and bed slippers from the attic because she must have been overwhelmed by the heat.. LOL.. With temperatures in the 90’s we must be practical to survive these long days of fashion week. Honestly it is really too damn humid to be fashionable at the sometime. These SMART fashionistas have decided to leave those over-the-top stylish uncomfortable pieces at home. They are trading in those Louboutin for the good old tennis shoes. The fur coats for the denim jackets and with so many different venues randomly scattered all over the city and the schedule time between shows so ridiculously short. Who could blame them? The only way to make it through these rugged streets of New York in time to catch the shows is by to running. Hopping in and out of the subways, Uber, lyfit and the yellow cabs and even then you might still miss the show… Cute and present is always acceptable over fabulously smelly and late…

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