If I wait?

If I wait a little longer before spreading these delicious legs will this God of  a man stay forever? I can’t touch him I just kept staring. Oh Lord this big beautiful dark chocolate, just how I like em. He is standing a few feet away from me and I completely stopped breathing. My skin started hitching I can almost swore I was allergic to this man standing in my kitchen.


Truth was I hated being alone in my fabulous chelsea apartment and we would look so great together. I could really get use to the idea of us going to bed every night with my head on his very broad shoulders and me waking up to 1000 kisses, coffee and orange juice as he gets dress for work in the morning. But I won’t wait, I know myself, I never do. 14184434_10154246890212559_5145273381123778514_n

I don’t care if he ever returns to my city. I just want to show him the promiscuous girl that lives within. The girl only myself and that blonde chic at the bar knows oh so well. Then again I am getting ahead of myself, this seemed to always be my problem. Who am I fooling he is no angel, he does not see me beyond these 6inch stilettos and my red micro mini dress.


One more shot of vodka, straight up and he will start to try peeling me out of this dress while molding his sexy lips between my legs. I won’t stop him I never do, because all I require is one night of passion and it will all be over.. Sex is overrated! Honestly I am not ready to settle as soon as its over I will be thinking clearly and in the morning, I will say “there is just not enough closet space for the both of us my little New York apartment”.








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