A writers Fashion Blog

Hello New York! Bonjour Paris… Hello world……… Welcome to A writers Fashion Blog…

This Blog is my way of expressing myself through my passion for both Fashion and Writing. Here you will find great reads, amazing fashion and fun activities.

Let me tell you a little about myself.
Name: Celeste Matthews,  Age 29, Born in Jamaica, currently living in Chelsea New York

Favorite Things 

Cities: New York and Paris

Favorite Piece of Clothing: Red Dress night out with one of the bestie in the New York Meatpacking District my favorite party neighborhood. 

Favorite Roof Top Bar: Le Bain at the Standard Hotel NYC

Activity: Shopping

I wore a pink dress to go shopping for my pink/rose gold Mackbook Air..
I was feeling all sorts of pretty… Pretty in Pink

Magazines: Vogue and Instyle


Favorite Beverage: Starbucks Black coffee
Favorite word: Fabulous

Favorite curse word: Bombaclot..

Favorite Perfume: Coco Mademoiselle


Favorite Quote: Do what makes you happy

Favorite Week: New York Fashion Week

A few great picts from past New York Fashion Week.

I think thats all my favorites for now, on second thought here goes another 

My favorite Ex-Boyfriend: Collin..

Personality: I would describe it as Borderline Bipolar ( introvert/extravert)

Honestly I am little complex: I am not the best friend, not the best girlfriend, not the best daughter, not the best sister, not the best cousin or the best girl but I am me. I have learnt so much over the past few years but most of all I have learnt to embrace myself… I have learnt that if I am am getting the same negative result over and over the problem must be within myself and obviously I am doing something wrong. Note to self in order to change the negative outcome I must change the old routine. Finding myself…

I dance to the beat of my own drums, I am not a planner, I have commitment issues.

I live for fashion and everything fabulous. I will alway, always choose a dress over anything else.

I enjoy traveling but writing is a passion. There is something about putting my thoughts on paper and playing with words that gives me a release like no other. Its my own personal Therapist.

Now that we are best friends please stick around for more fun content. Once again welcome to my blog. Have a fabulous weekend and do what makes you happy!











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